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Demon Hunter Experience

Game Version: 9.0.5
Total Downloads: 2,234
Updated: Apr 24, 2021
Created: Nov 23, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
DemonHunterExperience v1.1.1 release 1.83 MB Apr 24, 2021 9.0.5 1 download Demon Hunter Experience DemonHunterExperience v1.1.1 releaseDownload
Demon Hunter Experience v1.1 release 1.83 MB Jan 22, 2021 9.0.2 1,348 download Demon Hunter Experience Demon Hunter Experience v1.1 releaseDownload release 1.83 MB Nov 24, 2020 9.0.2 885 download Demon Hunter Experience releaseDownload


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Play Demon Hunter the way it was always meant to be played…

…with truckloads more angst and talk about darkness.

This addon reintroduces several Illidan quotes and voicelines into WoW to bring you the feeling that you are playing a real Demon Hunter.

In developing this addon, I have sacrificed everything, what have you given?!


  • Really makes you feel like a Demon Hunter by playing Illidan voice lines from Heroes of the Storm
  • Contains quotes for 9 different categories of actions
  • Each category has multiple voice lines that can proc randomly
  • The percentages for procing voice lines can be tweaked at both a group and individual level (allowing a person to turn off certain lines if they wanted)
  • No UI to configure any of these percentages because the true Demon Hunter expects their addons to just work without needing to learn anything new.

All audio is played through the Dialog channel which will allow you to crank the volume to max without affecting your regular gameplay too much.

Patch Notes


  • Initial application launch.


  • Added “The Hunt” voice lines
  • Prevent a sound effect from playing two times in a row
  • Fixed sound effect cooldowns, so they don’t sometimes overlap.
  • Upped the sound effect cooldown to 14 seconds.
  • Voice lines for Vengence spec Demon Hunter works better.


  • Fixed the issue with loading on the first time run
  • Updated to the latest WoW interface version


Standard WoW addon installation. Also available on AddonsWoW.

Source code hosted on GitHub here:

List of Actions and Voice Lines

Entering Battle

  • “Let’s kill them quickly, I have better things to do.”
  • “Your demise is at hand!”
  • “Evil draws close.”
  • “You will regret approaching me!”
  • “I say we slay that one next. (laughs)”
  • “Who next shall taste my blades?”

Attacking with a Demon Hunter Blade Move (TM)

  • “Burn with the flames of Azzinoth!”
  • “I claim your wretched life!”
  • “Die, fool!”
  • “I do not fear you, mortal.”
  • “I feel only hatred.”
  • “Taste the Blades of Azzinoth!”
  • “My hatred is unending.”
  • “Vengeance Is Mine”

Entering Metamorphosis (through skill or through Eye Beam)

  • “Now I am complete!”
  • “Feel the hatred of 10,000 years!”
  • “You are not prepared!”


  • “I alone must act.”
  • “Let’s move out!”
  • “On my way.”
  • “Quickly!”


  • “(scoffs)”
  • “Oh, for the love of–”
  • “Tch, rabble.”
  • “I hate to admit it, but you were… mm, kind of… prepared.”
  • “Does anyone else miss Chaos damage?”

After Revived

  • “Death cannot stop me.”
  • “I will have my vengeance.”
  • “They will pay for that!”

Going AFK

  • “Keep your eyes open.”
  • “I sat still for ten thousand years. I believe that is enough.”
  • “Stay alert.”
  • “I know you’re still there.”

Returning From AFK

  • “At last.”
  • “Finally!”
  • “I grow impatient.”
  • “Let’s go already!”
  • “Took you long enough.”

Self-targetting (ie: clicking your own portrait)

  • “I’m blind, not deaf.”
  • “Who dares address me?”
  • “I hear you.”
  • “Alas, poor Gul’dan! I… never knew him at all, actually.”
  • “You know, for 10,000 years old, Tyrande still looks pretty good… at least that’s what they tell me.”
  • “No, I did not just see that, or anything else for that matter.”
  • “Alright, I’m ready. All I need is someone to point me to the piñata.”
  • “(phone rings) Hold on, Darkness just texted me.”


All code is under the MIT License

All sounds are from Heroes of the Storm and are owned by Blizzard Entertainment. No copyright infringement intended, please don’t hurt me for correcting a development oversight in WoW.


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