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Game Version: 5.1.0
Total Downloads: 6,597
Updated: Feb 2, 2013
Created: Oct 8, 2008
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v083 release 55.32 KB Feb 2, 2013 5.1.0 1,444 download DomDom v083 releaseDownload
v082 release 55.32 KB Dec 17, 2010 4.0.3a 3,429 download DomDom v082 releaseDownload
DomDom v081 release 70.71 KB Jun 28, 2010 3.3.5 1,332 download DomDom DomDom v081 releaseDownload
DomDom v079 release 70.54 KB Jun 26, 2010 3.3.5 244 download DomDom DomDom v079 releaseDownload
v081-beta beta 55.44 KB Dec 13, 2010 4.0.3a 14 download DomDom v081-beta betaDownload
DomDom v080 beta 70.66 KB Jun 27, 2010 3.3.5 150 download DomDom DomDom v080 betaDownload


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The most insane WoW sound mod available! (Available exclusively via


  • 822 Sound Clips and counting (when using the required Sound Packs). The majority of the sound clips are insults from various sources and overall just fun stuff to play.
  • Alphabetical Sound List Menu, Navigation is done via page keywords, similar to the words in the corners of dictionary pages.
  • Global Mute – Prevents you from hearing sounds that were sent to you, or you from sending sounds. Useful for when people have too much fun with the mod.
  • Version Reporting – See a version report of everyone in the party/raid/battleground/guild with the mod.
  • FPS Reporting – See a FPS report of everyone in the party/raid/battleground/guild with the mod.
  • Latency Reporting – See a latency report of everyone in the guild with the mod.
  • Minimum Version Notification – Versions below a certain number will cease to operate, and notify you to download a newer version.
  • Can see who is globally muted/unmuted.
  • Play random or specific sound to:
    • A single person (or yourself)
    • The party
    • The raid
    • The battleground
    • The guild (Authorized guild ranks only! By default that is the Guild Master and nine ranks lower than that.)

Installing DomDom

To use this mod, you MUST:

  • Install DomDom
  • Install DomDom SoundPack 01
  • Install DomDom SoundPack 02

Optional (but recommended) installs:

  • Install DomDom SoundPack 03
  • Install DomDom SoundPack 04
  • Install DomDomMenu – Search GUI

Why are there multiple pieces to DomDom

DomDom acts as the sound controller, while the sound packs act as sound file repositories. So, unless new sounds are released, or WoW releases a major update, only DomDom should need to be re-downloaded for you to update to the latest feature rich version of DomDom. If for some reason, DomDom requires newer versions of the sound packs, it will tell you in game.

Using DomDom

When successfully loaded, DomDom will display a version number and a help message in your General Chat window. From there DomDom can be accessed by entering in “/dd” in the chat box. Also, you need your friends/party/raid/battleground/guild mates to use this mod too in order to get the maximum amount of hilarity out of it.


Yes, you can use DomDom in your custom macros. Any DomDom command that you can enter into the chat box, you can use.

Known Glitches

There is no way to stop audio from playing once it has been started. The last I tried, I found that you could play a long sound clip, and then mute/disable all of the WoW sound settings, but the DomDom sounds that were playing before could still be heard until they finish. You can however, issue a “/dd mute” to toggle the global mute for DomDom, which will stop all newly queued sound from playing that you receive or send.


I love DomDom, how can I help support it?

  • If you love DomDom, please rate it 5 stars!

I have an idea for DomDom

  • Leave a comment below with your idea.

I have a problem with DomDom!

  • Leave a comment below with the problem you’re experiencing with DomDom. Ideally though, if you can copy and paste the error message produced by the Swatter addon (distributed with Auctioneer), that will let me know where the error is exactly occurring and if DomDom is actually the cause. Also, please include the steps necessary to reproduce the error.

Third Party Sound Packs

Some third party sound packs do exist. But, I reserve the right to give DomDom preferential treatment for official DomDom sound packs over time. I want DomDom to have a consistent level of quality sound files for you to enjoy. And I like to think that what makes DomDom so wonderful is that it isn’t a collection of badly recorded sound clips that are 20+ years old, or that it isn’t a collection of sound clips in foreign languages that you don’t understand. So, with that being said, my devotion is to bring you quality sound clips that won’t make you want to gouge out your ears with a pocket knife. Therefore, as I develop more high quality sound packs, third party sound packs will more than likely be suppressed in order to prevent conflicts from occurring with DomDom.

Special Thanks

To all my WoW friends for helping me beta test the mod and for their greatly valued time & suggestions: Sam, Jage, Joe, Ben, Ryan, Steven, Chris, Chad, & Travis.


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