WoW Drexz Cooldown addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
wow addon Drexz Cooldown

Drexz Cooldown

Game Version: 5.1.0
Total Downloads: 74
Updated: Dec 6, 2012
Created: Jun 13, 2011
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
drexzCooldowns 1.2 beta 23.46 KB Dec 6, 2012 5.1.0 50 download Drexz Cooldown drexzCooldowns 1.2 betaDownload
DrexzCooldown 0.2 beta 21.28 KB Jun 30, 2011 4.2.0 11 download Drexz Cooldown DrexzCooldown 0.2 betaDownload
DrexzCooldown 0.1 beta 21.27 KB Jun 28, 2011 4.1.0 13 download Drexz Cooldown DrexzCooldown 0.1 betaDownload



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Drexz Cooldown is an simple and clean cooldown-monitor.


Cooldowns from

Easily configured from a config-file.
Spells and items can be edited in its own spellslist.
Easily repositioned ingame by using "/dcd".
Different color bar for racial-, pet-, item- and spell-cooldowns so you can easily spot them.
Highlight of spells going off cooldown.

This mod and it's looks is inspired by vlakCooldowns, coded by vlakarados.


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