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wow addon EminentDKP Revived

EminentDKP Revived

Game Version: 10.0.5
Total Downloads: 18
Updated: Mar 8, 2023
Created: Mar 2, 2023
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Earlier Versions

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2.3.3 release 850.26 KB Mar 8, 2023 10.0.5 8 download EminentDKP Revived 2.3.3 releaseDownload
2.3.2 release 849.94 KB Mar 3, 2023 10.0.5 10 download EminentDKP Revived 2.3.2 releaseDownload


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this addon is revived version of EminentDKP addon for Dragonflight. All glory belongs to original author Grioja.


EminentDKP was designed to fully replace the tedious process of managing a dkp economy. It is an extremely simple and elegant system that provides all the quantifiable fairness of a DKP system while being no more difficult to administer than group loot.

EminentDKP uses the same calculations and basic rules that have been employed with great success by Eminent of Crushridge-US since the earliest days of WoW raiding. These rules are derived from real-world economic and market principles. Our minimalist approach to loot management gives our raiders the freedom to purchase the upgrades they want and dramatically reduces the amount of time and effort that the loot master and guild officers have to invest in loot distribution.

EminentDKP is faster than loot council and does not carry with it the potential for drama since you can’t accuse an automated formula of giving the best gear to itself and its friends. It is also considerably less confusing than EPGP and most other dkp systems. After eleven tiers of largely successful raiding with a negligible number of complaints about loot distribution, I feel comfortable claiming that the micromanagement inherent in loot council and the multiple layers of complexity built into EPGP are both entirely unnecessary.

EminentDKP employs the Vickrey auction model, which is a single-bid sealed auction designed to determine the market value of an item in a single round of bidding by incentivizing participants to reveal their true valuation. The entire process is quick, efficient, and accurate. The model was developed by William Vickrey, who was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1996 for his research into the economic theory of incentives under asymmetric information. For more info:

For a more complete understanding of the ideological framework on which this addon is built, see Thanah’s musings on the subject here.

EminentDKP is

Feature Rich

  • Issue bountys (rewards) to players for their hardwork during progression or for killing a boss.
  • Issue adjustments to players for penalties and rewards.
  • Transfer DKP to other players with the click of a button.
  • Visually see the auctions as they countdown and bid with the click of a button.
  • Sort through the standings window to see a host of history and information.
  • Configure nearly everything from font size to auction length.
  • Setup DKP decays and even automatic decay by configuring a schedule.


  • Built with efficieny in mind, it uses very little memory, and very few calculations.
  • With so many features and customizability the addon should be huge, right? Nope, it’s very tiny.


  • Adjustments, bountys, and transfers require just a few clicks to do.
  • DKP calculations are all automatic and update in real-time.
  • The bid process is extremely intuitive and easy to use.
  • No data exporting necessary, everything is maintained inside the game.
  • On-screen notifications for nearly all events to keep your users informed.


  • Nearly everything is managed for you.
  • New players are automatically added.
  • Old players are automatically expired.
  • Loot is completely managed by the addon without any work by you.
  • All instances of EminentDKP intelligently sync from officers.
  • Officers automatically sync their settings with each other.
  • The addon intelligently determines which gear a player can use.


  • Only officers can administer the system.
  • Only officers sync data, and only data from officers can be read by other users.

With so many features you can choose to run the system in whatever way you want. You merely set the basis for awarding bountys and EminentDKP does the rest for you. EminentDKP doesn’t even have to be run by anybody else but the ML (though I highly recommend your raid uses the addon).

Common Concerns

Q: How will people see their dkp outside of raid?

A: If they have the addon installed they always have access to the latest DKP standings. If not they can whisper anybody else running the addon with the necessary command to check basic statistics.

Q: Will there ever be support for web viewing of the DKP?

A: In the future if the popularity of the addon is big enough then I will write a web viewer for the DKP that you can export to.

Q: This addon seems more complicated than we need.

A: It’s really not complicated at all. You can literally install this addon and start using it immediately, it requires no setup or configuration. Everything is automated.

Whisper Commands

Players who don’t have the addon installed can whisper these commands to the ML to participate in auctions, check their balances, check standings, etc.

  • ‘$ help’ to show the list of available commands
  • ‘$ balance’ to check your current balance
  • ‘$ check X’ to check the current balance of player X
  • ‘$ standings’ to display the current standings
  • ‘$ lifetime’ to display the lifetime earned dkp standings
  • ‘$ bid X’ (*) to enter a bid of X on the active auction
  • ‘$ transfer X Y’ (*) to transfer X dkp to player Y
  • (*) – these commands can only be sent to the master looter and only during a raid

Slash Commands

There are some commands available to users as well:

  • ‘/edkp auction’ to begin an auction (run by the ML while looting)
  • ‘/edkp options’ to open the options panel (also accessible from Blizzards Interface>Addons menu)
  • ‘/edkp action’ to open the Action panel (also accessible using the yellow gear at the top of the meter window)
  • ‘/edkp version’ to check what version of the addon you’re currently using (also accessible by mousing over the status bar in the meter window)
  • ‘/edkp reset’ to empty your database
  • ‘/edkp reset all’ to empty the database of you and all your users (can only be run by an Officer)
  • ‘/edkp rebuild’ to rebuild your database using its events (generally not used)


  • GUI Demonstration (v2.1)
  • Data Syncing Demonstration (v2.1)


Thank you for considering EminentDKP. EminentDKP is actively maintained and developed by Grioja of <Eminent> on Crushridge-US. Please visit the EminentDKP forum on our guild forums to leave feedback, report bugs, or request enhancements.


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