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Guild Gear Rules

Game Version: 1.13.5
Total Downloads: 1,607
Updated: Oct 2, 2020
Created: Jul 21, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.4.11-release release 176.43 KB Oct 2, 2020 1.13.5 26 download Guild Gear Rules 1.4.11-release releaseDownload
1.4.10-release release 176.33 KB Sep 17, 2020 1.13.5 79 download Guild Gear Rules 1.4.10-release releaseDownload
1.4.9-release release 176.27 KB Sep 6, 2020 1.13.5 101 download Guild Gear Rules 1.4.9-release releaseDownload
1.4.8-beta release 174.12 KB Aug 6, 2020 1.13.5 214 download Guild Gear Rules 1.4.8-beta releaseDownload
1.4.6-beta beta 173.82 KB Aug 5, 2020 1.13.5 61 download Guild Gear Rules 1.4.6-beta betaDownload
1.4.5h-beta beta 173.68 KB Aug 4, 2020 1.13.5 90 download Guild Gear Rules 1.4.5h-beta betaDownload
1.4.5-beta beta 173.66 KB Aug 4, 2020 1.13.5 49 download Guild Gear Rules 1.4.5-beta betaDownload
1.3.5-beta beta 152.66 KB Jul 27, 2020 1.13.5 262 download Guild Gear Rules 1.3.5-beta betaDownload



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Allows guilds to follow customized rules to make the game more challenging.


For info and settings, go to Main Menu > Interface Options > AddOns > Guild Gear Rules or click the Minimap Button or type /ggr gui 

Originally created for and inspired by the <Greenilum> guild project started by Kungen on Hydraxian Waterlords (EU).

Support development on Patreon.


Core Features:

  • Alerts the player if guild members break the rules.
  • Announces in guild chat if the player breaks the rules.
  • Find out if guild members have the addon installed and which version.
  • Find out if guild members are using specific addons.
  • Player can be inspected by being whispered !gear.

Social Features:

  • [Optional] Sound alert when guild or party members type ding.
  • [Optional] Sound alert when new players join the guild.


Guild rules are retrieved from the Guild information. The most basic setup requires only GGR[MaxItemQuality]. Extended GGR[MaxItemQuality,ExceptionsAllowed,ItemID1,ItemID2,]

MaxItemQuality = Number(0-8) Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Artifact, Heirloom, WoW Token

ExceptionsAllowed = Number(Any) Allowed amount of items disregarding the rules.

ItemIDs = Items exempted from the rules, separated by commas.

Example: GGR[2,0,15138,13379,1973,19979,12709], Max item quality Uncommon, 0 exceptions, Onyxia Scale Cloak, Piccolo of the Flaming Fire, Orb of Deception, Hook of the Master Angler and Finkle's Skinner allowed.



For extra features, you can include GGRTags[] and specify tags separated by commas within. Full example: GGRTags[SP,BUFFS(L60.WB.ZA.BL.FL)]


Supported tags:

SP – Ban items with generic spellpower (Classic)

AP – Ban items with Attack Power (Classic)

A0 = Exempt capital cities from rules.

A1 = Exempt world from rules.

A2 = Exempt dungeons from rules.

A3 = Exempt raids from rules.

A4 = Exempt battlegrounds from rules.

L(XX) = Only apply rules for level XX and above.

BUFFS() – Bann buffs with specific spell IDs. Add LXX for these buffs to only be banned from level XX and above. Separate values by dots.

E.g. BUFFS(L30.WB.21564) From level 30 and above, World Buffs and Prayer of Fortitude (rank 2) is banned.


When specifying item or buff IDs, there are some prepared ID families, i.e. shortcuts which you can use in combination with number IDs.

Items families:

TOYS - Piccolo of the Flaming Fire, Orb of Deception and Hook of the Master Angler.

Buff families:

WB - (World Buffs) Warchief's Blessing, Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Spirit of Zandalar, Songflower Serenade, All Sayge's Dark Fortune of X, Mol'dar's Moxie, Fengus' Ferocity, Slip'kik's Savvy

FL - (Flasks) Flask of the Titans, Distilled Wisdom, Chromatic Resistance, Flask of Petrification, Flask of Supreme Power

ZA - (Zanza) Spirit of Zanza, Sheen of Zanza, Swiftness of Zanza

BL - (Blasted Lands) Rage of Ages, Strike of the Scorpok, Spirit of Boar, Infallible Mind, Spiritual Domination

WS - (Winterspring) All Juju X


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