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Enemy Spellcast Counter

Game Version: 1.13.5
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Updated: May 22, 2020
Created: May 22, 2020
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Hai everywan,

My fren Candiman and I wrote an addon to count casts, hit, and % of frostbolts taken from sorcerers in SM or of poison bolts taken from poison sprites in mara. Posting it here in case you're curious of trying it out to see how resistance affects how many spells end up actually landing on you. The counter currently does not track any data if you are immune (e.g. in ice block), or reflect spells, so the actual rate of hits is slightly overestimated. If you submit this data, we will be able to compile lots of sample data and statistically significant real results in terms of how resistance plays a role in resists. With some data collection already, it doesn't appear as though resistance formulas online are totally comprehensive nor accurate.

After running the numbers, we found that 10,000 casts will be able to give around a 2% range
on percent frostbolts taken with a 99.7% confidence interval, and 100,000 casts will be able to give around a 0.5% range on percent frostbolts taken with a 99.7% confidence interval. In other words, data would be amazing! You can feel free to just have this addon run in the background while you do runs, and then screen shot the final values with character's Nature Resistance and Frost Resistance. Would be super appreciated! <3 (demo video) (download link)

#coronaseasonpassionproject #forscience



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