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wow addon Fizzwidget Hunter’s Helper Classic

Fizzwidget Hunter’s Helper Classic

Game Version: 1.13.4
Total Downloads: 262
Updated: Jul 3, 2020
Created: Jul 2, 2020
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All credit goes to the original Author "Gazmik/Datagutten" For this incredible addon!


New in the classic version:

Integration into the built-in "Addons" menu when pressing ESC.

Here you'll be able to enable/disable functions within the addon.


Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic has been ported aswell.



Original description:

Really, I'm not one to gallivant about the wilderness trying to make friends with beasts… at my size, it's a good way to get eaten! Besides, keeping a full stock of bits & bibbles for your critter can be terrible for your cash flow. But a Hunter friend of mine managed to convince me there'd be good money in outfitting such outdoorsy types, and before I knew it my workbench was cluttered with all sorts of animal-seeking, food-measuring, and pet-minding contraptions.

This gadget couldn't be any simpler to use: point it at a beast you see in the wild, and its zootropic neurowave scanner will analyze the critter's noggin and tell you what, if any, new tricks it can teach you.* Know what you're looking for, but not sure where to look? It'll help with that, too — I've pre-programmed it with an extensive database on creature behavior (straight from Petopia, the best zoological resource on Azeroth), easily indexed by skill.

* Not recommended for use by elderly gnolls.



  • When you mouse over a beast in the world, the tooltip will show which abilities a Hunter could learn after taming it. (Or no additional info if the beast doesn't have any known abilities.)


  • If you're currently playing a hunter, the abilities will be colored according to whether you've already learned them: green for abilities you have yet to learn, and gray for those you already know.
  • Need to know where to find new abilities for your pet?


  • Type `/huntershelper` (or `/hh`) to show the Hunter's Helper UI and browse its database by ability or by zone. Various filters and a search feature are available, so it's quick to find a pet that has what you're looking for.


  • Visit the Hunter's Helper pane in the Interface Options window (or type `/hh button`) to enable the HH minimap button, which shows when you're in a zone that contains beasts you can tame to learn new abilities. (Mouse over it for details on them.)


  • Type `/hh find <ability> <rank>` for a quick search with results in the chat window.


  • The Hunter's Helper UI also serves as an improved replacement for the Beast Training window; its compact layout and flexible filters make finding an ability and rank much quicker… and it shows accurate training point costs for upgrading an ability to a higher rank. (Tip: this means you can also show the HH UI by "casting" Beast Training from your spellbook, action bar, or macro.)


  • Hunter's Helper also notifies you in chat if you tame (or cast Beast Lore on) a beast whose skillset isn't what was expected. HH's database of pet abilities comes from Petopia – visit there to submit a correction.


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