WoW KkthnxUI_Classic addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2022
wow addon KkthnxUI_Classic


Game Version: 1.13.3
Total Downloads: 3,922
Updated: Dec 22, 2019
Created: Sep 20, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.10-Release release 2.10 MB Dec 22, 2019 1.13.3 949 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.10-Release releaseDownload
1.09-Release release 2.09 MB Oct 16, 2019 1.13.2 1,089 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.09-Release releaseDownload
1.08-Release release 2.09 MB Oct 16, 2019 1.13.2 42 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.08-Release releaseDownload
1.07-Release release 1.95 MB Oct 5, 2019 1.13.2 590 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.07-Release releaseDownload
1.06-Release release 2.09 MB Oct 4, 2019 1.13.2 209 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.06-Release releaseDownload
1.05-Release release 1.88 MB Sep 25, 2019 1.13.2 477 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.05-Release releaseDownload
1.04-Release release 1.88 MB Sep 24, 2019 1.13.2 237 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.04-Release releaseDownload
1.03-Release release 1.74 MB Sep 23, 2019 1.13.2 190 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.03-Release releaseDownload
1.02-Release release 1.74 MB Sep 23, 2019 1.13.2 12 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.02-Release releaseDownload
1.01-Release release 1.78 MB Sep 20, 2019 1.13.2 123 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.01-Release releaseDownload
1.00-Release release 1.78 MB Sep 20, 2019 1.13.2 4 download KkthnxUI_Classic 1.00-Release releaseDownload



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KkthnxUI is a simplistic user interface that holds onto the information and functionality, while still keeping most of the good looks.
It can be used for any class or role.

How to install

If you're familiar with it, simply clone the repository to 2 folders named KkthnxUI and KkthnxUI_Config inside your World of Warcraft addons folder.

If not, and you need to do this manually, then download and unzip it to your World of Warcraft\\Interface\\AddOns\\ directory.

Also, make sure the game is closed when moving new files into the addon directory as it is unable to discover new files when it's already running.

Report bugs, suggest features and development progress

Bug reports and feature suggestions are all done through GitHub's Issue tracker linked below. If you're looking for the current development status of the current or next version of the UI, you can check that out at Kkthnx's GitHub project pages.

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Join the community

There are thousands of users, but most are content to simply download and use the interface without further ado. If you wish to get more involved though, have some questions you can't find answers to anywhere else or simply just wish to stop by and say hello, we have both a discord server and a Facebook page.

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Buy me a coffee

Donations are welcome, but not required to use the UI at all. Donations help me further my development and fuel my gaming! Donations will never be a requirement to use the UI! If you would like to donate, you can do so down below.

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