WoW MeetingStone addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
wow addon MeetingStone


Game Version: 9.1.0
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Updated: Aug 12, 2021
Created: Aug 11, 2021
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This WOW addon version is only applicable to CN realm.


Introduction to Meeting Stone
– Cross-realm raiding
– Cross-realm raiding is easier and more convenient
– You can view the Cross-realm raiding information of other servers,make the Cross-realm raiding easier and more convenient. No matter how many players in your server,you can always find teammates.
– Show Mythic+ Rating
– You can view ratings after creating an activity
– You can directly view the current leader’s Mythic+ Rating and team member composition in the activity list, and the leader can view the player’s Mythic+ Rating and current Dungeon score in the player application list.


Real time activity
– Live platform operation activities
– Every week, the streamer organizes real-time activities, and players can interact with the streamer and win generous rewards


Recently teammates
– You can still find your teammates even after going offline
– If you can’t finish the team Dungeon at once., even if you do not add game friends, you can still find the players and leaders who have played the Dungeon together in the “recent teammates” tab, look for teammates no longer confused!


– 跨服组队更加轻松便捷
– 可查看其他服务器的跨服组队信息,让跨服组队更加轻松便捷。鬼服不鬼,大服更大。


– 创建活动后可查看评分
– 可直接在活动列表中查看当前团长秘境评分及队伍成员构成,团长在队员申请列表中可以查看该队员大秘境评分及当前副本评分


– 直播平台运营活动
– 每周都有主播组织实时活动,玩家可与主播互动以及赢取丰厚奖励


– 即使下线后仍能找到队友
– 如果不能一次性完成团队副本,即便没有添加游戏好友,玩家仍然可以在“最近队友“”页签中来寻找一起打过副本的玩家和团长,寻找队友不再迷茫


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