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Game Version: 6.1.0
Total Downloads: 3,758
Updated: Feb 25, 2015
Created: Jan 20, 2013
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
MrT-BattlePetFrame v1.6 release 3.37 KB Feb 25, 2015 6.1.0 1,628 download MrT-BattlePetFrame MrT-BattlePetFrame v1.6 releaseDownload
MrT-BattlePetFrame v1.5 release 3.37 KB Nov 9, 2014 6.0.3 383 download MrT-BattlePetFrame MrT-BattlePetFrame v1.5 releaseDownload
MrT-BattlePetFrame release 3.37 KB Sep 11, 2013 5.4.0 723 download MrT-BattlePetFrame MrT-BattlePetFrame releaseDownload
MrT - BattlePetFrame v1.4 release 3.37 KB May 25, 2013 5.3.0 320 download MrT-BattlePetFrame MrT - BattlePetFrame v1.4 releaseDownload
MrT-BattlePetFrame - v1.3 release 3.37 KB Mar 18, 2013 5.2.0 244 download MrT-BattlePetFrame MrT-BattlePetFrame - v1.3 releaseDownload
MrT-BattlePetFrame v1.2 release 3.36 KB Jan 26, 2013 5.1.0 302 download MrT-BattlePetFrame MrT-BattlePetFrame v1.2 releaseDownload
MrT-BattlePetFrame v1.1 release 2.88 KB Jan 23, 2013 5.1.0 93 download MrT-BattlePetFrame MrT-BattlePetFrame v1.1 releaseDownload
MrT-BattlePetFrame v1.0 release 2.51 KB Jan 21, 2013 5.1.0 65 download MrT-BattlePetFrame MrT-BattlePetFrame v1.0 releaseDownload



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This addon was written to extract the information of the 3 battle pets from the Journal, and present it on the main UI.

The frame shows the 3 selected pets and their:
– level
– Health
– XP

This frame will auto hide when entering a pet battle, and Show once the battle is exited. There is also a minimize funtion to collapse the frames when not needed, and save the screen space. This addon can be moved around the screen, but not resized.

Revised 1/23/13 v1.1: Now has a toggle button for tracking pets on the mini map. Added a Heal/Revive button. Changed the Health bar color to indicate Rarity of the pet.

Revised 1/26/13 v1.2: Changed the Hide button text to Hide/Show text as appropriate. Added pet bandaids to the Heal button. Use via Right-Click. Added tooltips to the Heal and Tracking buttons. Changed the level 25 pet XP bar to be solid, and remove the text.

Revised 3/17/13 v1.3: Fixed the Tracking button to display a status on a fresh game load. Changed the Default behavior to hidden for the HP/XP bars on a fresh upload. Updated to game v5.2


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