WoW NefHunterHelper addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
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Game Version: 1.13.3
Total Downloads: 6,371
Updated: Feb 29, 2020
Created: Feb 7, 2020
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Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 834 Bytes Feb 29, 2020 1.13.3 4,423 download NefHunterHelper releaseDownload release 1001 Bytes Feb 7, 2020 1.13.3 1,948 download NefHunterHelper releaseDownload


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In the Nefarian encounter within Blackwing Lair, one aspect of the fight is class calls. For hunters, this call will instantly break your ranged weapon rendering it useless until repaired. This simple addon does one thing – it adds the /unequipranged command that can be used with a macro and keybound to remove your ranged weapon. For instance, you could macro this like so:


/equip [mod:shift] Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers


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