WoW RaidLoots addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon RaidLoots


Game Version: 3.4.1
Total Downloads: 110
Updated: Jan 8, 2023
Created: Jan 4, 2023
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for Classic WotLK
Earlier Versions

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 2.83 KB Jan 8, 2023 3.4.1 109 download RaidLoots releaseDownload


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In-game Addon Features

  • Keep track of all Epic and Legendary loot received or distributed while solo’ing, in a party, or in a raid. 
  • In-game ability to view the loot details. It will display the loot item and the character it was distributed to. By default, it will be marked as MS, but it can be changed to either OS or DE within the addon.
  • In-game ability to mark the loot as either Main Spec (MS), Off Spec (OS), or Disenchant (DE)
  • In-game ability to export the database. This export can then be imported at for free and long-term storage.


Website Features

  • Website features can be used independently from the addon.
  • Creating an unlimited amount of Raids.
  • Ability to add characters to a Raid.
  • Ability to assign loot to a character.
  • Ability to re-assign loot between characters.
  • Ability to import the database from the in-game addon.
  • Ability to see a history of what loot a character received.
  • Ability to remove characters from the raid.
  • Ability to remove loot from the raid.
  • Importing the database will automatically create the characters and the loot. It will then automatically assign the loot accordingly. 


How to use the addon

  • After the installation please do a /reload to create the local addon database.
  • Assign loot accordingly and the addon will track the distribution. Only one person needs the addon and it is preferred to be the master looter.
  • Use /raidloots show to open the addon and display the loot list.
  • Use /raidloots export to export the local addon database. This export can then be imported at for free and long-term storage.
  • Use /raidloots reset to reset the local database. This is advised after every website import because imports will override website changes. 
  • Use /raidloots help to show the shortcut keys in-game.



  • Using /raidloots reset will delete the local in-game addon database and all information will be lost. Please make sure the data is exported and imported in the website first.
  • Re-importing the same content from the addon database will override any changes made within the website since the initial import.


In Development

  • In-game addon: Ability to remove characters from the addon’s internal loot database.
  • In-game addon: Ability to remove loot from the addon’s internal loot database.
  • In-game addon: Ability to reassign loot between characters.



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