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RP Connect

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Updated: Jan 1, 1970
Created: Apr 21, 2016
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RP Connect's purpose is to enable groups of roleplayers of both alliance and horde to participate in RP events and communicate with each other.

The way it works is simple:

  1. Two battle-net friends must have the addon installed, each one must be in his own sepparate raid, Alliance and Horde.
  2. One of the players clicks the RP Connect button and choses his other friend from the list of battle-net friends that appears.
  3. Once the friend clicks the accept button on the popout window that appears, the connection is established.
  4. Every message that appears in one raid will automatically be copy pasted by the addon into the other player's raid chat, linking the two raids.

Current Features

  • Raid to Raid / Party to Party / Party to Raid Roleplay between an Alliance and Horde group
  • Player Join/Leave/Offline/Online stats are sent to the opposite raid.

Planned Features

  • Raid Target Markers share
  • Ability to mute players
  • Limitations in PvP environments

Suggested Usage

The addon will send any type of message sent in chat, these are just some basic guidlines so that the recieving group will be able to sepparate IC from OOC (Raid RP)

  • "Normal text for In Character talk"
  • *Between asterix symbols for emotes*
  • (Between brackets for Out of Character discussions)

RP Connect (Current Version) 0.1 – Alpha

Can establish a connection between two raid chats,
Unlimited messages, and long message split support

Special Thanks to

Aaroen – Argent Dawn EU for the wonderful logo.
The AD community for the feedback and testing.


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