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Game Version: 3.4.0
Total Downloads: 2,423
Updated: Sep 17, 2022
Created: Jun 20, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v3.0 release 887.50 KB Sep 17, 2022 3.4.0 12 download SKC v3.0 releaseDownload
v2.0 release 886.96 KB Jun 22, 2021 2.5.1 419 download SKC v2.0 releaseDownload
v1.10 release 886.55 KB Nov 24, 2020 1.13.5 354 download SKC v1.10 releaseDownload
v1.9 release 886.32 KB Nov 9, 2020 1.13.5 130 download SKC v1.9 releaseDownload
v1.8 release 886.33 KB Nov 9, 2020 1.13.5 123 download SKC v1.8 releaseDownload
v1.7 release 886.04 KB Sep 25, 2020 1.13.5 147 download SKC v1.7 releaseDownload
v1.6 release 885.93 KB Sep 17, 2020 1.13.5 142 download SKC v1.6 releaseDownload
v1.5 release 885.61 KB Sep 16, 2020 1.13.5 85 download SKC v1.5 releaseDownload
v1.4 release 885.80 KB Sep 7, 2020 1.13.5 64 download SKC v1.4 releaseDownload
v1.3-release release 885.47 KB Aug 29, 2020 1.13.5 117 download SKC v1.3-release releaseDownload
v1.2-release release 886.50 KB Aug 28, 2020 1.13.5 73 download SKC v1.2-release releaseDownload
v1.1-release release 729.93 KB Aug 20, 2020 1.13.5 120 download SKC v1.1-release releaseDownload
v1.0-release release 667.50 KB Aug 8, 2020 1.13.5 100 download SKC v1.0-release releaseDownload
v1.10-beta beta 886.75 KB Nov 23, 2020 1.13.5 30 download SKC v1.10-beta betaDownload
v0.5-beta beta 665.54 KB Aug 3, 2020 1.13.5 88 download SKC v0.5-beta betaDownload
v0.4-beta beta 664.91 KB Aug 2, 2020 1.13.5 78 download SKC v0.4-beta betaDownload
v0.3-beta beta 664.71 KB Aug 2, 2020 1.13.5 106 download SKC v0.3-beta betaDownload
v0.2-beta beta 664.75 KB Aug 2, 2020 1.13.5 59 download SKC v0.2-beta betaDownload
v0.1-beta beta 664.40 KB Aug 1, 2020 1.13.5 107 download SKC v0.1-beta betaDownload
v0.1-alpha alpha 628.48 KB Jul 22, 2020 1.13.5 67 download SKC v0.1-alpha alphaDownload


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SKC (Suicide Kings Classic)

A World of Warcraft Classic addon for the suicide kings loot system. This addon was designed based on the specific variant of SK used by the guild Whiteclaw Clan on Grobbulus [H]. Compared to a standard SK system, the primary differences of this variant is the use of a loot prioritization system as well as utilizing two separate lists, Main SK and Tier SK. SKC fully automates this system. SKC will manage the SK lists in game, synchronize data between all members of a guild, and upon looting of an item, will automatically determine the elligible characters in the raid for that item, query for their decision (SK, roll, or pass), and award the loot based on a configurable loot prioritization.

For full README go to the github repo.


Video Tutorials


Simple GUI interface

  • Open the main GUI with /skc
  • Master Looter kicks off a loot decision via the SKC button for elligible items
  • Personal loot decision GUI’s automatically appear for elligible characters

Automatic Synchronization

  • SKC automatically synchronizes data in game within guild to ensure that every member has the most up to date SK list, guild data, and loot prio.
  • Specifically, data synchronizes with the Loot Officer who has the newest data.
  • The Synchronization field in the Status portion of the main GUI describes the status. The possible enumeraions are:

    • Reading: SKC is in the process of reading data with a Loot Officer.
    • Sending (#%): SKC is in the process of sending data to a guild member and is # percent complete with that packet.
    • Complete: SKC is synchronized with all online Loot Officers.

Two Separate SK Lists

  • Main SK (MSK): Intended as the primary SK list. More generally can be used for rare items or those that offer a significant upgrade.
  • Tier SK (TSK): Intended for tier set items or those usable by only a speicifc class / role. More generally can be used for common items or those that offer a relatively small upgrade.
  • Click MSK / TSK title in the GUI to cycle between them

Automatic Loot Distribution

  • Once SKC is Active, loot may be distributed automatically by SKC (see Addon Status Display below).
  • Sequence of automatic loot distribution:

    1. Master looter of a raid (who is a Loot Officer) clicks the SKC button next to an elligible item.
    2. SKC uses the Loot Prio to determine which characters are elligible for the given loot
    3. SKC prompts elligible characters with the possible loot decisions (SK, Roll, or Pass)
    4. Characters have a configurable amount of time (see slash commands) to make a decision (default 30s)
    5. SKC collects the decisions and arbitrates the winner based on Loot Prio and player decisions
    6. SKC sends the loot to the winner and performs the SK (if necessary)
    7. SKC logs the loot distribution event and player responses

Loot Prioritization System

  • Loot prio is a configurable input to SKC through a CSV import interface (see slash commands)
  • Only items in the loot prio system will be automatically distributed by SKC. All other items will need to be manually looted.
  • Loot prio is used to give certain Class / Spec combinations priority over others regardless of their SK positions.
  • Schema for loot prio CSV can be found here
  • For a given item, a loot prio can be assigned for the 22 predefined Class / Spec combinations found in the Appendix
  • Loot prio can be assigned a value of 1 (highest main spec priority) to 5 (lowest main spec priority) and OS. Omitting a prio value means that Spec / Class is inelligible for the item and will not receive a loot decision GUI.
  • For Roll decisions, the numeric value is interpreted as MS.
  • Additionally, the following options can be configured for a given item

    • SK List (MSK, TSK, or NONE): What list the item is associated with. If NONE, there will not be an SK option for the item.
    • SK Reserved (TRUE or FALSE): TRUE if “Main” characters are given priority over “Alt” characters for SK decisions, otherwise there is no distinction between Mains and Alts.
    • Open Roll (TRUE or FALSE): TRUE enables the “Roll” loot decision option to be selected for the given item, otherwise it is disabled.
    • Roll Reserved (TRUE or FALSE): TRUE if “Main” characters are given priority over “Alt” characters for ROLL decisions, otherwise there is no distinction between Mains and Alts.
    • Disenchant (TRUE or FALSE): In the event that everyone passes on this item, TRUE will cause SKC to give the item to the Disenchanter, otherwise given to Guild Banker.

Guild Roster Management

  • SKC provides an in game GUI for the Guild Leader to manage details about the guild members
  • Some of these details are used in the automatic loot distribution process.
  • The data can be initialized from a CSV (recommended)
  • The character specific details are:

    • Name: Character name
    • Class: Character class
    • Spec: Character main raiding spec (available options found in the Appendix) Editable by Guild Leader
    • Raid Role (DPS, Healer, Tank): Automatically determined by Spec. Used for filtering of SK list
    • Guild Role (None, Disenchanter, Banker): In the event that everyone passes on a parituclar item, a person with the approriate role would instead be awarded the loot. Editable by Guild Leader
    • Status (Main or Alt): Main characters receive prio over Alts if the given item is marked as Reserved Editable by Guild Leader

Bench / Live List Support

  • Members of a raid are automatically added to the live list
  • Any automatic SKs performed during the raid will drop the character to a position below that of the bottom of the live list.
  • The Loot Officers can manually add characters to the bench (see slash commands)

Automatic Loot Activity Log

  • SKC automatically records all loot distribution events made by the addon during a raid
  • The log is saved until the next time SKC becomes Active
  • The log is exportable as a CSV (see slash commands)

SK Usage Control

  • The guild leader can control the usage of SKC as a loot distribution system through the following means:

    • Loot Officers: In order for SKC to be enabled, a Loot Officer must be a member of the raid. To manage the Loot Officer list, see slash commands.
    • Active Instances: In order for SKC to be enabled, the given instance must be found in the Active Instances list. Possible Active Instances can be found in the Appendix.
    • Manual Enable/Disable: The Guild Leader (or any Loot Officer) can manually enable / disable the addon, see the relevant slash commands.

Addon Status Display

  • The GUI displays a status message to describe the state of SKC. The possible enumerations are:

    • Active: SKC will distribute loot automatically.
    • Disabled: SKC has been manually disabled by a Loot Officer
    • Inactive (GL): SKC is inactive due to either the Guild Leader not yet having installed the addon or not yet logging on to synchronize their data
    • Inactive (VER): SKC is inactive due to your version of the addon not matching the version of the Guild Leader’s
    • Inactive (RAID): SKC is inactive due to not being a member of a raid
    • Inactive (ML): SKC is inactive due to not being in a raid with the Master Looter loot distribution method
    • Inactive (LO): SKC is inactive due to the Master Looter not being a Loot Officer
    • Inactive (AI): SKC is inactive due to not being in an instance specified in the Active Instances


  • The addon has built in security to ensure that players cannot maliciously manipulate the SK lists.
  • Only the Guild Leader can manage the Loot Officers, and only the Loot Officers can manage the SK lists and send data during synchronization.


Where is the TSK list?

Click the MSK title on the GUI to cycle between the lists.

Why Isn’t SKC Active?

In order for SKC to be active, the following conditions must be met:
1. SKC must be enabled (see the slash command /skc enable).
2. The Guild Leader must have the addon installed.
3. Your addon version must match your Guild Leader’s addon version.
4. You must be in a raid.
5. Your raid must be using the Master Looter distribution method.
6. Your raid must have a Master Looter who is a Loot Officer (see SK Usage Control).
7. You must be in an Active Raid (see SK Usage Control).

Why is the SKC loot button greyed out?

SKC will generate an SKC loot starter button for any item that meets the criteria for master looter loot distribution. Specifically, it must be an item which meets the loot quality threshold set by the Master Looter. If that item is present in the Loot Prio (initialized by the Guild Leader) and at least one player in the raid is elligible to decide on the item, then the item is elligible for SKC loot distribution and the button will activate.

Why is the Synchronization Status Stuck on Reading?

SKC automatically syncs with online Loot Officers. If there are significant changes since the last time you sync’d, the synchronization might take a bit, give it a few minutes. World of Warcraft only allows a certain rate of addon message communication so the speed is limited.

Why is the Synchronization Status Stuck on Sending?

See above question. The amount of data that a player can send is throttled, so large chunks of data can take a while to send. You can monitor the percent complete in the synchronization status on the main GUI.

Why did the automatic loot distribution fail?

Most likely the player who was supposed to receive the item had no inventory space. In this case, the distribution fails and the item stays on the corpse. The Master Looter can then ensure there is bagspace, and manually send the loot via the master looter interface, trade diretly, or restart the decision process if desired. NOTE When loot fails to distribute, the SK (if necessary) is not automatically performed, the Master Looter will need to do this manually, or the decision process must be restarted.

What about items with a comma in the name?

The Loot Prio is imported via CSV, so therefore items with a comma in the name impose a unique issue. When importing these items, please use just the first part of the item name before the comma. For example, instead of Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood, just use Ashkandi. Instead of Ashjre’thul, Crossbow of Smiting, just use Ashjre’thul. Internally these items are stored by their real name and the comma is handled correctly.


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