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Game Version: 7.1.5 +2
Total Downloads: 270
Updated: Feb 11, 2017
Created: Feb 8, 2017
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Earlier Versions

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SnarkyMessageManager release 117.61 KB Feb 11, 2017 7.1.5 +2 235 download SnarkyMessageManager SnarkyMessageManager releaseDownload
SnarkyMessageManager release 117.60 KB Feb 8, 2017 7.1.5 +2 35 download SnarkyMessageManager SnarkyMessageManager releaseDownload


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Snarky Message Manager


  • This add-on is intended to make it easy to respond to predictable events in fun and interesting ways.

  • The user can create any number of "message sets" which can contain any number of messages (up to 250 characters long).

  • There is an extensive UI to support the creation, deletion, and configuration of the add-on, of message sets, and of the messages themselves.


  • From the command line, messages are sent with the add-on command prefix (/snarky, /smm, or /smr) plus the message set and the desired output channel (BATTLEGROUND, GUILD, INSTANCE, OFFICER, PARTY, RAID, SAY, or YELL).

  • If you have defined a default output channel for the message set and wish to use it, you may omit the second parameter.

  • If you have defined a global default message set, you may omit the parameters entirely.

  • Access the UI with the command prefix followed by config (e.g. /smr config).

  • Repeat the initial command line help with the command prefix followed by help (e.g. /smr help).

Future Enhancements

  • Incorporate support for arrow keys and mouse wheel in selection screens.

  • Add a "Briefing" mode for presenting messages in sequence (for encounter notes shared by instance/raid leadership).

    • Support for message packs with pre-written briefing packages for different encounters.

  • Add support for non-default channels (Trade, for instance, although I am not certain this would be a good idea).

  • Localization support.


  • If you enjoy this add-on, consider making a small donation to help cover my time for ongoing support and improvements.


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