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Spinx Focus (Classic)

Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 3,033
Updated: Sep 14, 2019
Created: Sep 14, 2019
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We've lost our /focus.


In Vanilla we had access to secure API calls so could write our own focus macros. In TBC these were secured, but we were given the /focus functions. In Classic we have neither. As an interrupter, healer, high-aggro DPS etc you really want that back.


I have created a very limited version of this. Select your target, then type "/focus". This sets your focus. In your macro use "/click SFB" before your attack/cast and it will target your selected focus to run against them.


Missing functions

– Casting at focus without changing target (though you can use /targetlasttarget)

– Macro conditionals like [@focus] or [nofocus] as these are protected and did not appear until TBC

– Changing focus while in combat – Don't think this is possible as updating macro text is locked out during contact, but if I find a way…


Any other ideas please let me know. I already have the start of a visible confirmation of your current focus that I may expand on…


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