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Target Box

Game Version: 1.13.4
Total Downloads: 130
Updated: Mar 16, 2020
Created: Mar 16, 2020
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Target: A handy textbox for /target targeting!


Supported versions: Classic, but will likely work in retail


Target provides a small movable textbox where you can type in all or part of the name(s) of thing(s) you want to target using the /target game mechanism.


– There is a checkbox to place a raid skull on the target, so you can spot targets from far away and through hills, trees, etc.
– List of targets seperated by commas (e.g.: dreadskull slayer,dreadskull drone,elder bear)
– Right-click on the textbox and current target's name will be placed there




The way it works is when anything is typed in the box, it (creates if not existing) updates a General macro called "+Targ" that does the targetting. This macro can be bound to a key (I use "F1" or "`") using the standard keybind interface. When you press the key, the game will target whatever is typed in the box if in /target range.


Since macros cannot be updated during combat, when in combat the textbox disappears, reappearing when combat is concluded.


! There is currently no code to limit the textbox input (based on the 255 char macro limit of the resultant macro).  If you type in too many targets, it will just truncate the macro at 255 characters.  This will be implemented in a later release.



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