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Game Version: 6.0.3
Total Downloads: 33,434
Updated: Dec 18, 2014
Created: Mar 15, 2010
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
TopFit-6.0v4 release 136.49 KB Dec 18, 2014 6.0.3 10,840 download TopFit TopFit-6.0v4 releaseDownload
TopFit-6.0v3b release 129.22 KB Nov 26, 2014 6.0.3 1,037 download TopFit TopFit-6.0v3b releaseDownload
TopFit-6.0v3 release 129.22 KB Nov 25, 2014 6.0.3 276 download TopFit TopFit-6.0v3 releaseDownload
TopFit-6.0v2 release 117.56 KB Nov 22, 2014 6.0.3 526 download TopFit TopFit-6.0v2 releaseDownload
TopFit-6.0v1 release 110.75 KB Oct 24, 2014 6.0.2 643 download TopFit TopFit-6.0v1 releaseDownload
TopFit-5.3v1 release 125.00 KB Jul 3, 2013 5.3.0 1,765 download TopFit TopFit-5.3v1 releaseDownload
TopFit-5.1v1 release 146.44 KB Nov 28, 2012 5.1.0 1,097 download TopFit TopFit-5.1v1 releaseDownload
TopFit-5.0v2 release 145.03 KB Nov 4, 2012 5.0.5 642 download TopFit TopFit-5.0v2 releaseDownload
TopFit-5.0v1 release 149.51 KB Sep 4, 2012 5.0.4 878 download TopFit TopFit-5.0v1 releaseDownload
TopFit-4.3v1 release 122.58 KB Dec 4, 2011 4.3.0 3,147 download TopFit TopFit-4.3v1 releaseDownload
TopFit-4.2v2 release 120.87 KB Sep 24, 2011 4.2.0 2,874 download TopFit TopFit-4.2v2 releaseDownload
TopFit-4.2v1 release 129.37 KB Jul 9, 2011 4.2.0 2,319 download TopFit TopFit-4.2v1 releaseDownload
TopFit-4.0v2 release 115.08 KB Dec 9, 2010 4.0.3a 3,077 download TopFit TopFit-4.0v2 releaseDownload
TopFit 4.0v1 release 114.76 KB Dec 5, 2010 4.0.3a 798 download TopFit TopFit 4.0v1 releaseDownload
TopFit-3.3v6 release 90.20 KB Aug 20, 2010 3.3.5 2,241 download TopFit TopFit-3.3v6 releaseDownload
TopFit-3.3v5 release 86.94 KB Jul 17, 2010 3.3.5 468 download TopFit TopFit-3.3v5 releaseDownload
TopFit-3.3v4b release 83.03 KB May 26, 2010 3.3.3 74 download TopFit TopFit-3.3v4b releaseDownload
TopFit-3.3v4 release 83.01 KB May 24, 2010 3.3.3 56 download TopFit TopFit-3.3v4 releaseDownload
TopFit-3.3v3b release 81.11 KB Apr 18, 2010 3.3.3 75 download TopFit TopFit-3.3v3b releaseDownload
TopFit-3.3v3 release 81.06 KB Apr 15, 2010 3.3.3 130 download TopFit TopFit-3.3v3 releaseDownload
TopFit-3.3v2 release 151.31 KB Mar 15, 2010 3.3.0 70 download TopFit TopFit-3.3v2 releaseDownload
TopFit-3.3v1 release 146.73 KB Mar 15, 2010 3.3.0 104 download TopFit TopFit-3.3v1 releaseDownload
TopFit-3.3v5 beta beta 86.21 KB Jun 24, 2010 3.3.3 297 download TopFit TopFit-3.3v5 beta betaDownload



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What is TopFit?

TopFit is a gear management addon designed to select the best gear for you when you just can't be bothered to compare items yourself.
To make intelligent gear choices for you, you will first have to create item scales, telling the Addon which stats are the most important to you. After that, just put all interesting items into you inventory and start the calculation. Voilà, you have a fine new equipment set, which you can update with a single click from now on.
TopFit will check an item's stats, gems, enchantments, whether you can dualwield or have Titan's Grip, and more.
Any caps you're trying to reach can also be set (hit rating cap for damage dealers, defense rating cap for (non-bear-)tanks, etc).


  • Create equipment sets based on stat weights, or use a predefined set for your class
  • Force certain items that you want in your set regardless of score (trinkets, totems, …)
  • Item choices are made automagically and intelligently based on these weights
  • Save sets using Blizzard's equipment manager
  • Import and export Pawn Strings
  • Sets will take your character's ability to dual-wield into account
  • Support for multiple caps (hard caps like hit, soft caps like defense)
  • Have a leveling set that gets updated whenever you get a new piece of equipment
  • Currently supports all WotLK gems and all non-proc enchants (Contact me if I missed some)
  • Support for set bonusses (if you want to keep you 2-piece t9 bonus, or at least have its value added to the calculation)
  • Item-Comparison tooltip: How much of an improvement is a new item?
  • "Binds on Equip" items will not be used in calculations
  • Add "imaginary" items to the calculation, to see how your stats would change if you bought a certain item
  • Works with any client language, currently localized in English

Planned Features

  • Dualspec support for automatic update set
  • Suggest gems and enchantments for your sets
  • Add stats to items to account for procs and on-use effects


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