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Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 1,845
Updated: Jan 8, 2021
Created: Jun 18, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.3-classic release 144.87 KB Jan 8, 2021 1.13.2 0 download FunFact 1.3-classic releaseDownload
1.3 release 144.87 KB Jan 8, 2021 9.0.2 0 download FunFact 1.3 releaseDownload
1.2-classic release 137.78 KB Sep 30, 2019 1.13.2 710 download FunFact 1.2-classic releaseDownload
1.2 release 137.78 KB Sep 30, 2019 8.2.5 403 download FunFact 1.2 releaseDownload
1.1 release 135.13 KB Jun 26, 2019 8.2.0 +1 665 download FunFact 1.1 releaseDownload
1.0 release 135.41 KB Jun 19, 2019 8.1.5 58 download FunFact 1.0 releaseDownload


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Facts. Fun Facts.

Some example facts for you to inform your companions with:

  • Queens have a stinger, but they dont leave the hive to help defend it
  • Pizza Wasn’t Popular in America Until After WWII
  • Cats walk like camels and giraffes: They move both of their right feet first, then move both of their left feet. No other animals walk this way.
  • Florida has more toll roads and bridges than any other state in the Union
  • Dogs see much better than humans at night because they have a special light reflecting layer behind their eyes.
  • Frozen Margarita was invented in Texas by Mariano Martinez in 1971

To use FunFact type /funfact and it will output a fun fact to the chat channel of your choice

Slash Commands:

  • Fun Facts can be used with 2 different slash commands /funfact or /fact

You can Macro fun facts by specifying the chat channel you want the fact to be in!

  • /funfact say
  • /funfact party
  • /funfact guild
  • /funfact say
  • /funfact yell

 Currently loaded with Facts on:

  • 300 Random animal facts
  • 115 bee facts
  • 496 cat facts
  • 140 dog facts
  • 124 food facts
  • 595 USA facts

More Fact categories will be added over time! Have more facts? Send them to me!



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