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Created: Dec 27, 2012
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Geary is a lightweight addon to examine equipped gear of yourself and other players. Key features:

  • It shows a summary of all items with their gems and enchants
  • Missing gems, enchants, belt buckles, and unfilled upgrades are noted
  • Shows equipped item level and number of item levels necessary to reach next item level milestone (e.g. 123 for BRF LFR)
  • Can store inspect results for later review and external parsing
  • Stored inspection results can be added to player tooltips
  • Can show a summary of all stored inspection results for members of your party/raid including an overall average item level
  • Missing parts of the MoP legendary quest line (Eye of the Black Prince, Crown of Heaven legendary meta gem, and Cloak of Virtue) are noted
  • Because the WoW server controls what inspection data the client receives, retry when necessary

Geary Icon

The Geary icon is a handy button for doing Geary operations:

  • Left-click dragging moves the icon
  • Left-clicking inspects your current target
  • Middle-clicking toggles the Geary Interface
  • Right-clicking inspects yourself
  • Mouse button 4 toggles the Geary options
  • Mouse button 5 inspects all members of your group or aborts the current group inspection

Geary Interface

The Geary interface has several tabs for reviewing inspection results:

  • The entire Geary interface can be moved by Left-click dragging it
  • Player tab – Shows detailed results of the most recent inspection
  • Group tab – Shows the database stored inspection results of all party/raid members
    • If a player's inspection data is not in the Geary database, the player's details cannot be shown
    • The average iLevel of members with inspection results is shown at the bottom
    • Right-clicking on a row will attempt to reinspect that player
    • Left-clicking on the header will toggle the sort order between by name and by iLevel
  • Database tab – Shows all database stored inspection results
    • Right-clicking on a row will attempt to reinspect that player
    • Left-clicking on the header will toggle the sort order between by name and by iLevel
  • Log tab – A detailed account of what Geary does during an inspection

Slash Commands

Geary has slash commands for all important operations as well as some debugging operations:

Shows usage
/geary inspect <self | target | group>
Use Geary to inspect yourself, your current target, or all players in your group
/geary ui <show | hide | toggle>
Show, hide, or toggle the Geary interface
/geary icon <show | hide | toggle>
Show, hide, or toggle the Geary icon
/geary options <show | hide | toggle>
Show Geary's options
/geary debug [on | off]
Show current debugging state or turn debugging on or off
/geary dumpitem <itemid | itemlink> [slotname]
Dump detailed, debug information about an item. slotname is case sensitive and can be Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Chest, Waist, Legs, Feet, Wrist, Hands, Finger0, Finger1, Trinket0, Trinket1, MainHand, or SecondaryHand.

Key Bindings

Geary supports key bindings for all useful commands. Go the Game Menu -> Key Bindings to manage them.

Geary Macro

You can also use a macro to invoke Geary inspections. For example, the following macro makes left-click inspect your current target and right-click inspect yourself:

/run if SecureCmdOptionParse("[btn:2]") then Geary_Inspect:InspectSelf() else Geary_Inspect:InspectTarget() end


You can leave comments on the AddOn page and project page or open a ticket for bugs/requests.

To Do

In no particular order, here are things Geary does NOT do yet, but I am considering:

  • Database:
    • Maybe: Sort by clicking on any column header
    • Maybe: Filter results by Faction, Class, Level, etc
    • Maybe: Ability to remove individual database entries
    • Doubtful: Store results for multiple specs
  • Group:
    • Maybe: Sort by clicking on any column header
    • Maybe: Show ^ and v icons for players above and below group's average iLevel
  • Player:
    • Maybe: Add hyperlinks explaining what's missing in summary text
    • Doubtful: Add options to control the font of the summary text
    • Doubtful: Empty sockets shown with their graphic
    • Doubtful: In item tooltips, show set pieces worn and empty extra sockets of the inspected character
    • Doubtful: Make item tooltips show for the inspection target's class instead of your class
  • Options:
    • Maybe: Options to configure mouse clicks for icon and Group/Database tab actions
    • Doubtful: Make options take effect immediately and have cancel revert to previous values
  • Detection:
    • Maybe: Track WoD legendary questline progress
    • Maybe: When item level is scaled up or down, show true max as well as current scaled values
    • Maybe: Detect non-rare WoD gems and non-WoD enchants
    • Maybe: Show items with PvP stats
    • Maybe: Show items with inappropriate stats (e.g. Prot Paladin wearing Intellect gear)
    • Maybe: Detect unspent talent points
    • Doubtful: Detection of profession perks (e.g. enchants on rings, sockets in bracers/hands, etc)
  • UI:
    • Maybe: Ability to lock the position of the icon and interface
    • Maybe: LibDataBroker compatibility (display results and clicks for operations)
    • Maybe: Store window locations in options so addon load failures don't force you to reposition them
    • Maybe: Add non-English client support via localizations
    • Doubtful: An optional minimap button that works like the icon and can integrate with Norganna SlideBar
    • Doubtful: Resizing of Geary interface
    • Doubtful: Detecting empty extra sockets from a belt buckle/EotBP instead of extra gems
  • Sync/Report:
    • Doubtful: Sync database entries with group, guild members, or specific players
    • Doubtful: Sync current group entries with group, guild members, or specific players
    • Doubtful: Report current group details and/or summary to officer, guild, raid, or specific players


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