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Game Version: 6.0.3
Total Downloads: 4,898
Updated: Dec 27, 2014
Created: Dec 27, 2014
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About StatScore:

  • All item comparison addons provide you with a different way of measuring gear upgrades. Most of which will tell you that an epic that just dropped is a huge upgrade for you. But after taking a second look at it you find that even though it has a higher item level, it does NOT have the right stats for your paticular class/spec.
  • StatScore is different. It uses weight tables to analyze which stats are best for you, and which aren't. Using the same calculation methods that Wowhead uses, it will take each stat on the currently shown item, multiply it by its weight value (specific for your class/spec) and add it for its total value. It is then normalized by dividing by the total value of all weights. After all the math is done StatScore will insert the value at the bottom of any equipable item tooltip along with a comparison or off-spec value if applicable.
  • All you have to do is type /StatScore and select the profile that best describes your character and StatScore will do the rest.
  • Confused by the math? See the screenshots to the right to see how the profiles affect each class's score or Read Wowheads FAQ about Stat Weighting.


Originally posted by Slaxi81
Thank you for this addon! I've used Tankpoints and Pawn, but they have too much garbage : ) Your's is simple and works perfect.

Current Features:

  • Includes 29 Preset Stat Profiles Used in Wowheads Own Stat Comparison Tool
  • Fully Functional In-Game Profile Editor
  • Adds the Stat Score value to equipable item tooltips
  • Displays a 'Swap Score' when comparing items, showing an upgrade value in the main tooltip
  • Stat Profiles are saved across sessions so you can set it and forget it
  • Automatically switches between set profiles when activating Dual-Spec
  • Shows Offspec StatScore


  • Must select a profile before StatScore can begin calculating

Slash Commands:

  • /StatScore (opens the options panel, where you can select a stat profile)
  • /StatScore dump (shows how the last item's StatScore was calculated)
  • /StatScore dump raw (shows how the last item's StatScore was calculated with the original variable names)
  • /StatScore reset (resets all settings)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I setup my Offspec profile?
  • Why can't I see the individual stat changes on my tooltips?

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