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Hit Combo Popups

Game Version: 9.0.2
Total Downloads: 0
Updated: Nov 21, 2020
Created: Nov 21, 2020
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Adds fighting game-style hit combo popups to Windwalker Monk's "Hit Combo" talent, showing your current stack with each ability hit. This is a super fun talent and I always felt like it'd feel more impactful if you could see real time feedback on your stacks with each hit.


The animation timing and sizes are highly configurable via the /hcp slash command.


Included are two sets of graphics, one at 128×128 which provides a less-aliased image for smaller sized popups and then a larger 256×256 version if you want to use much larger popups without pixelation.

You can also drop in custom popup graphics.


This is my first addon, so please let me know if anything goes wrong or if you notice anything glaringly stupid in my code.



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