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Game Version: 7.2.5
Total Downloads: 658
Updated: Jul 15, 2017
Created: Jul 14, 2017
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
IsoGamble_1.02-Release release 578.87 KB Jul 15, 2017 7.2.5 580 download IsoGamble IsoGamble_1.02-Release releaseDownload
IsoGamble_1.01-Release release 578.35 KB Jul 15, 2017 7.2.5 31 download IsoGamble IsoGamble_1.01-Release releaseDownload
IsoGamble_1.00b-Release release 578.27 KB Jul 14, 2017 7.2.5 29 download IsoGamble IsoGamble_1.00b-Release releaseDownload
IsoGamble_1.00-Release release 578.34 KB Jul 14, 2017 7.2.5 16 download IsoGamble IsoGamble_1.00-Release releaseDownload



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IsoGamble is a sleek, yet versatile way to gamble the day away! Bored during raid? Maybe you want something to spice up your next guild event? Check it out!

The game is a take on Hi-Lo, except with rolls. A wager is set, and then users will roll between 1 and the wager. The lowest roll pays the highest roll the difference.



Silent Mode: Don't want to bug your raid, but still have the itch to gamble some gold away? Turn silent mode on! When this is toggled, everything is handled independently through the addon.

  • Note: When enabled, users must have the addon in order to participate in rolls.

Public Mode: Get your friends involved! When silent mode is turned off, anyone may join whether or not they have the addon.

How To Use

Opening the Screen

  1. Type /ig in chat.
  2. To access the admin and settings panel, click the "A" in the bottom left of the window.

Starting a Public Roll

  1. Make sure the "Silent Mode" setting is off.
  2. Type in a wager between 1 and 999999 gold.
  3. Click "New Game"
  4. Wait for people to enter, and then click "Close Game."

Starting a Silent Roll

  1. Make sure the "Silent Mode" setting is on.
  2. Type in a wager between 1 and 999999 gold.
  3. Click "New Game"
  4. Wait for people to enter, and then click close game.

Participating in a Public Roll

  1. Once the new game notification is posted in chat, type "1" to join a roll and "-1" to leave a roll.
  2. Once the "Roll now!" notification is posted, type "/roll NUMBER" where NUMBER is the wager.

Participating in a Silent Roll

  1. Wait for somebody to create a new game.
  2. Click the "Join" button.
  3. Once rolling is open, click the "Roll" button.



  • Save game statistics between sessions.
  • Add a window that displays the current statistics, with options for reporting.
  • Scale the height of the main window according to the number of players in a roll, or add a scroll bar.



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