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Game Version: 3.2.0
Total Downloads: 371
Updated: Jan 3, 2010
Created: Jan 2, 2010
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Earlier Versions

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b0.1 +1 More beta 109.69 KB Jan 3, 2010 3.2.0 132 download QuickStrat b0.1

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r8 +1 More alpha 111.76 KB Jan 5, 2010 3.2.0 50 download QuickStrat r8

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r7 +1 More alpha 110.93 KB Jan 4, 2010 3.2.0 24 download QuickStrat r7

+1 More alphaDownload
r6 +1 More alpha 110.85 KB Jan 4, 2010 3.2.0 34 download QuickStrat r6

+1 More alphaDownload
r5 +1 More alpha 110.37 KB Jan 4, 2010 3.2.0 30 download QuickStrat r5

+1 More alphaDownload
r3 +1 More alpha 109.65 KB Jan 3, 2010 3.2.0 29 download QuickStrat r3

+1 More alphaDownload
r2 alpha 3.96 KB Jan 3, 2010 3.2.0 13 download QuickStrat r2 alphaDownload


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An Addon to make give stock messages based on location or target.

While preping for a boss encounter, target the boss and type "/qs p" to send a 3-4 line strategy for that particular encounter to the party. This addon is not aimed at progression content, rather encounters that are out geared and not familiar. Particularly inspired by the Random Dungeon Finder which will place parties in any of a dozen instances, any of which are easy for the team but may be unfamiliar.

The Addon comes with stock strategies and allows for the addition of custom strategies for encounters/events not covered. Currently very few encounters are covered, please feel free to submit strategies either via the ticket system or pm.

/qs <channel> [<name> [<zone>]]

Valid channels are party, p, raid, r, say or s.

  • If a mob is targeted QuickStrat will look for an entry in the DB by that name in the current zone zone.
  • If nothing is targeted and name is not provided, QuickStrat looks for a DB entry close to the players current position (within 10% of the map).

For custom entries the default zone is "default"

A GUI is forth coming.


With Maiden of Grief targeted, type "/qs p" to get:

<party> [QuickStrat] Maiden of Grief will cast Storm of Grief putting a big pile of Stupid™ on the floor. Don't stand in the Stupid™

Targeting Examples

  • /qs p
    • Either near the boss or with it targeted
  • /qs p Krystallus "Halls of Stone"
  • /qs p orbRules
    • this will find a custom command named orbRules in the "default" zone.


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